Cons of the inflatable mattress:

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Air mattresses still have some flaws, the flip side of the coin, so to speak, which must be given proper weight. Let’s see what they are:


Air mattresses, although they may have adjustable hardness, are certainly not the most suitable type of product for those suffering from back pain, since they do not have differentiated support areas, nor solid elements inside them for weight support. The problem is felt more when the mattress is too much, or too little, swollen.


The double models of an inflatable mattress, having two air chambers, in the center tend to have a “neutral zone” which will tend to become loose, causing both occupants to slide towards the center, especially if the two air chambers have inflation levels different. The opposite problem is that of a central “rigid area”.


Although in recent years the inflatable mattresses have durations comparable to the best memory mattresses, the average duration with continuous use is however slightly lower. There is the talk of 6 or 7 years, of maximum duration. If used wisely they can still last for more than 10 years without problems. Remember that many air mattresses were not designed to sleep on them every night. Warranty terms for inflatable mattresses are also shorter than similar products.


This is a real sore point for air-inflatable mattresses, being full of air they are like balloons and (however resistant) they are easily prone to punctures due to sharp objects, animal scratches and other factors. Many manufacturers offer free repair kits. For mattresses with an integrated inflation pump, breaks can also affect the electrical component itself.

Noise and cold:

In case they do not have a flocked coating many air mattresses show the problem of the noise of the rubbing blankets, or of the movements, we make at night with the body. Another problem that some consumers complain about is that they perceive cold at night, especially if they have a mattress without a top layer of latex or memory. Other consumers, on the other hand, claim to perceive too hot with the mattresses with an additional plate in memory.